Illustration of a white collections van

Challenge 1

Reducing bulky furniture going to waste

13,000 bulky waste collections a year across Sunderland.

60% of collected items are re-usable, but end up being destroyed.

Some items end up fly tipped.

One area of the city received over 2,000 reports of fly tipping in three months.

Illustration of cut price goods for sale

Challenge 2

Supporting the City’s most vulnerable residents

The City has high levels of child poverty, low income families, households in crisis who cannot afford to purchase furniture.

There are four local re-use centres in Sunderland, and several national charity shops based in the city centre.

Opportunities to access furniture varies from each location, opening times, on-line facilities, support with deliveries, pricing policies.

The Solution

The pilot, funded by Share Lab, has involved working with local ReUse Charities in the City, who would welcome donations of decent furniture to their stores, instead of it going to waste. The Charities will then move the furniture onto the City’s most vulnerable residents by uploading images of furniture onto this new online portal. The portal, created by Consult and Design, will provide the opportunity for you and the public to donate and buy furniture.


The Re-Use Network Partnership Pilot could:

  • Reduce waste
  • Combat poverty
  • Transform a house into a home
  • Support families and people in need
  • Develop a new way of working, collaboration and delivering services

Making a difference to people’s lives and the environment by raising funds for local good causes, helping:

  • older people
  • young people
  • people with disabilities
  • unemployed
  • social excluded
  • people with an incurable condition
  • families and carers
  • bereaved adults and children
  • low income households
  • reduce carbon emissions